Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why is not like the others? Or, why isn't it setup to be a community or social network?
    As it stands right now, there is still a federal prohibition on cannabis and we do not wish to compromise our users by storing their personal information or location. We feel there is some need for a cannabis related business directory that allows it's users to remain anonymous. Hopefully someday we can feel more comfortable about setting up a site that has community features but it doesn't look like that day will be anytime soon. We also think it's safe to say we will not be creating any mobile apps that can track your whereabouts. Basically, we are not owned by a publicly traded company trying to collect data on as many people as possible in order to boost share prices.

  2. Why upgrade to a Featured Listing?
    Featured Listing markers stand out a little more than the plain green markers and the info bubble contains a link to your site making your website easier to get to from the front page.